Installing Mustang Project's Shelby Taillights with a stock deck lid.

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Looks good in black too. This is what the stock housing looks like after 30 years of wear and tear. First step, remove the six nuts on each side that hold the outer trim rings in place. Step two, carefully remove the six trim rings. Once the trim rings are off, the housing can be removed.  After 30+ years it may be a little stubborn. After the bumper is removed, assemble the panel and test fit. The Shelby fiberglass panel probably will not let you close a stock trunk. Here you can see what will need to be trimmed from the fiberglass panel. Wiring during test fit.  Need to do something about those gaping holes. Here the panel has been ground and sanded to clear the stock deck lid. Another look at what was removed from the panel. Simple panel to cover the stock tail light holes.  8x10 sheet metal arched over my knee and sealed tot eh car with rope caulk.  This should keep out any moisture. Take your time with the panel prep.  Lots of primer, spot putty and wet sanding will be needed to get that perfect finish. The one tihing missing from the instructions - a ground wire.  Easy to fix. The lights are bolted in place and the ground wire is attached to one of the mounting studs. Careful here - there are two black wires.  The stock socket has a black and a green or orange wire coming out of the back and a black ground wire attached to the base of the socket.  The new light wires the same way. Much cleaner inside.  Now I need to redo my custom trunk panels.