Q. I would like to see the installation instructions for your product, can you send me one?
A. All of our instruction sheets are listed at the bottom of this page.

Q. My lights blink on/off when I turn signal but they donít sequence.
A. If your car is a 66 or later it is possible that you have not installed the electronic flasher module in the correct location. There are two flashers in all 67 and newer cars and some 66s. One flasher is used for the emergency 4 way signaling and one for the turn signaling. A LED sequential kit contains an electronic flasher module intended for the turn signal flasher. Before installing the new electronic flasher listen for the clicking of the flasher to locate it. On 65/66 cars the turn signal flasher is normally on the drivers side of the dash and on later cars it is often on the passenger side.

Q. How do I check my taillight wiring?
A. To check for proper wiring do the following test 1) With the LED taillight kit properly installed turn on only the driving lights. All rear taillights should glow dimly. 2) Press the brake and both taillights should go from dim to bright. If the light are stuck bright after the driving lights are turned on then the sockets in your car are not properly wired. Vintage car sockets are polarized so check this wiring. It the tests work but taillights donít sequence you may have replaced the wrong flasher can.

Q. Everything works great. But I hear no click. What is wrong?
A. Our standard electronic kits are silent. However, we have a new flasher module now available MP-FLA-CLICK which gives you that vintage clicking sound!

Q. What happen if an LED goes out?
A. All Mustang Project LEDs have a limited lifetime warranty! Contact us for return authorization and shipment instructions.

Installation Instructions