Lane’s Cherry Wet Wax is the newest edition to our professional line of car waxes. 32 oz bottle.

Lane’s Cherry Wet Wax is the newest edition to our professional line of car waxes. Cherry Wet Wax will provide your car's exterior with a high shine and durable protection. Cherry Wet Wax contains additional oils to preserve your paint and provide a high gloss shine minimizing paint imperfections. Cherry Wet Wax is easy to apply and remove leaving no white residue leaving your car's paint smooth. This wax can be applied by hand or buffer. If you are searching for a wet paint finish, Cherry Wax will amaze you. Now you can use the same Cherry Wax that excite auto detailers and dealerships. 32 oz. bottle..

Using The Best Auto Detailing Products Is The Key To Success

Saving time is the name of the game but actually having the best auto detailing products will allow you to not only save time but achieve professional results. Your car is the second largest investment you will have and keeping it looking new will bring you joy as well as increase your car’s value. There are many factors that determine which auto detailing products are the best. First, make sure the products can be diluted. This lets you know you are dealing with a concentrated product that will have the strength to cut through the dirt and grime. This is the key to saving time, less work and achieving professional results. Finally , make sure the products that you are buying are used by professional detailers. Do not re-invent the wheel. Learn from professionals. These are the guys that detail cars on a daily basis.

Our Price: $25.50

Status:Available to Purchase
Brand:Lane's Car Care Products

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