MP-6014A 69-70 Shelby Style Taillight Conversion K
NOW SHIPPING!!! Convert any 69-70 fastbacks, coupe, or convertible to Shelby Style taillights with no body work! Don't cut your car and reduce its value! Superbright LED Sequential operation!

NOW SHIPPING!!! From old style to Shelby style! Full sequential operation. solid die-cast and stainless steel construction. Looks Ford original! Super-bright LEDs will get you noticed. Easily removed and converted back to the stock taillights. Flat-panel construction for LED light panels means no cutting your car!. Paint the fiberglass panel to match your car or contrast! As with all fiberglass, preparation is needed to get that "show-quality" look. . Please TEST FIT trim and sand as needed before any preparation or painting! FIBERGLASS PANEL (FIB-0003) IS INCLUDED!

Specify chase, six-segment sequential, or three-segment sequential when ordering. Three segments sequential is the standard order. NON- sequential also available.

The 69 Shelby Light Panel Kit includes the following:

1) Fiberglass tail light panel.

2) LED panels ( Right and Left ),

1) flasher module,

1)) complete instructions with mounting hardware

Featuring the exclusive Mustang Project "SMART-SIGNAL" technology these kits are the ONLY kits on the market today which prevent sequencing during braking -- which is illegal in some areas. Simply stated when the turn signals are on the tail lights sequence -- Otherwise, they don't! All lights come on full bright during braking. New optical designs utilize specialized LEDs with unique coverage patterns for a better brighter look.

This is a brand new and exclusive product to Mustang Project and is not available anywhere else.

Our Price: $779.95

Status:Available to Purchase
Brand:Mustang Project
Size:1969 Mustang

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