EngineStat Classic
EngineStat Classic. Monitor your classic car’s valuable motor from your phone! Even if your phone is in sleep mode or the EngineStat app. is closed you are warned before it is too late. Think of it as an Amber Alert for your motor!

MP-ES-0001 Clip on smart electronic engine status monitoring. Monitor your classic car’s valuable motor from your phone! Even if your old car’s sensors fail, lamps burn out or your wiring is intermittent Enginestat will alert you of potential problems. Plus you can tune your car with your phone! Check out www.enginestat.com for more kits and accessories!

An old fashioned unreliable 10 cent lamp stands between your engine and its destruction! Don’t trust your irreplaceable classic car engine to out dated technology like an idiot light! Low oil levels, high temperatures can lead to engine destruction.

EngineStat is a small black box that fits in your engine compartment easily clips-on to your classic car’s existing wiring. This little black box brings the sophistication of on board computer diagnostics to your classic car. It will continuously monitor critical engine parameters via. the easy clip on interface and transmit these to your smart phone.

If your engine is experiencing any problems you will get a visual and audible alert on your smart phone even if the EngineStat application is closed or the phone is in sleep mode! Your engine can be destroyed in minutes if oil levels are too low! Your classic cars old fashioned warning systems depends on cheap incandescent bulbs or inaccurate un-calibrated gauges. Don’t risk an irreplaceable engine. PATENTS PENDING.

Kit includes engine module, wiring, connectors, and complete installation instructions. Download the Android phone app. from the Google Play store here . Download the Apple iPhone and tablet app.here 4 year limited warranty.

Engine stat monitors the following critical parameters: Oil Pressure, temperature, voltage battery and harness, vacuum, and RPM! Phone app. will alert you even if the app. is closes or phone is in sleep mode. Don't let a bad 10 cent lamp ruin your engine. FOR CARS WITH OIL PRESSURE INDICATOR LAMP MADE PRIOR TO 1979. Use adaptor kit MP-OP-ES for cars with oil pressure gauges.

Install and demo videos are here: Check out Youtube for great hands on videos!

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